Support & Education


We support your applications through a variety of methods. Our most convenient method is the use of electronic updates.

We can send an attachment to an email message or upload an update file to services such as DropBox that will allow you to update your application in minutes. We also provide immediate remote assistance, if possible, using direct connections to your network over the internet.

We provide specialized training at your site. A list of topics that we currently cover are listed below:

  • Database Design
  • Systems Analysis
  • Application Training
  • Application Development
  • Reducing Development Time

Technical Support


Small businesses need IT support but often lack knowledgeable IT staff.

Today's small businesses require their equipment to remain functional throughout the day, every day. We depend on computers to complete our work and stay connected with our customers. Businesses cannot afford to be "down". We are a truly responsive company that can assist in times of emergency but more importantly, recommend solutions to reduce emergencies.

Below is a list of most technical support services that we provide.

  • SQL Server Evaluation and Installation
  • Network Administration
  • Windows Server / Workstation Evaluation and Installation
  • Windows Server / Workstation Preventative Maintenance
  • Backup and Recovery Analysis
  • Virus / Spyware Protection and Removal
  • Software Installation and Upgrade
  • Peripheral Hardware Support